Application for Registered Business Entity

Business membership is for the legal entity that holds a real estate licence for a company, partnership or sole trader. Key individuals of the entity must be individual members of REISA Ltd.

Please review the checklist to understand what you will need on hand to complete your application.

Business Entity Fee: $895 inc GST per year + $165 inc GST per year REIA Membership

Key Individual Fee: $200 inc GST per year


  1. Details of Business Applying For Entity Membership

  2. If your Postal Address is different to the above please include below:

  3. Key Individual 1

  4. Key Individual 2

  5. Key Individual 3

  6. Key Individual 4

  7. Key Individual 5

  8. Key Individual 6

  9. Key Individual 7

  10. Key Individual 8

  11. Key Individual 9

  12. Key Individual 10

  13. I certify that the information contained in this form is true and correct. I agree to abide by the Real Estate Institute of South Australia Limited (REISA) Constitution. Click here to view.

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